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Spotify har nu 100 miljoner användare

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world right now, and its user base just continues to grow and grow, despite Apple Music in heels that want to market. Spotify recently announced that it has reached a total of 100 million users, up from 75 million only a few months ago. Music streaming service now announces that they have the largest paid crowd paying abbonnenter industry.
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Spotify has also gone out and said that it has more than 30 million users who pay for its premium service, which costs money every month. The vast majority of users - 70 million to be spot on - still a free version of the service offered by the company.
The future is still unclear for Spotify and how much success will be when you constantly persecuted by Apple Music. Apple's music streaming service launched last year and has been writing for more than 13 million paying subscribers. Even Google has become a competitor to Google Play Music and YouTube. So it's big plays that are involved and want to take part of the market.
Spotify's free service gives today not as lucrative royalties, which has led to many big names in the music world has been waiting to release new album on Spotify. In just the past year, the music of Adele, Beyoncé, Cold, Rihanna, Drake and Kanye West have been notably absent from Spotify, 
While Amazon is expected to want to be with and enter the same market. Rumor has it that the online retail giant is working on a standalone music streaming service that may already expected to be launched later this year. It would then come at a time when it is already crowded market.
The Scandinavian music streaming industry is quite strong, has many users and subscribers, and this also provides the music streaming service to deal with strong competition. Read more about Scandinavian news of  eCommerce Now .
Although Spotify launched its service in 2006 and that since then has been constantly growing for almost a decade, the company is still struggling to turn a profit. Today, companies are paying out nearly 80 percent of revenues to record companies and artiser that make their music available on Spotify.
The question we should ask ourselves now is whether it really is of great benefit to the company to have reached 100 million users. 
It was reported back in March that Spotify had 30 million paying subscribers. The company has not yet revealed whether the number has increased, but only said that they do not have any update on this right now.
It may well be that Spotify has been difficult to convert free users into paying customers, and the company needs more paying users to keep their durability and aggression against competitors.
Unlike its competitors, Spotify offers a service that is completely free, which explains why its user base continues to grow so rapidly.
With more than free users to paying subscribers, it can not be profitable in the long run, especially since that Spotify as mentioned earlier claim that 80 percent of the proceeds go to record labels and rights holders.
A spokesperson in Spotify has expired and previously said that they are working on a new service that would provide exclusive music exclusively to paying subscribers. Which may be a way to attract more customers warm already free users.

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