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Åtgärder för att säkerställa säkerheten vid användning av fasadstegar med fallskydd

Before you begin using a cat ladder, one must be careful to ensure that it is properly set in place. The brace for a facade ladder must be properly locked in place. The top of the ladder should extend at least three feet above the point where they intend to climb on. High ladders require additional attachment points along its length and at its foot to prevent movement.

Rigid cat ladders as shaft ladder and ladder stile used by leaning them on the wall or other vertical surface. It has been determined that it is safe to tilt the ladder at an angle of 15 degrees to the vertical. This is achieved by having the foot of facing steps at a distance from the wall which is a quarter of the height of the top of the ladder from the ground.

When facing the ladder is set in this manner, then the foot of frontage ladder will not slide backwards to cause it to fall. State makes the top of the facade ladder falls backwards. Ladder stabilizes can be used to secure the foot of the ladder to the ground for extra security. In situations where there are projections from the wall, one can use a ladder standoff. This device is used to set the upper part of the ladder away from the enabling obstacle to be crossed.

Using cat ladders requires great skill. Some balancing is required when using a cat cat ladder to work. It is recommended for use where it is impossible to use a fixed cat ladder with a safety latch which climbs an object with a curved surface like a stone or rock. The weight of the user and his load must be kept to a minimum.

The person using the cat ladder with fall protection should always realize it when climbing up or down. Both feet should be kept on the ladder. It is very dangerous for the user to stand on the top or the paint shelf of a cat ladder. If a belt buckle is used it should be placed between the rungs to prevent it from sticking.

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