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ISO 27001 kan hjälpa dig att följa GDPR och andra IT-säkerhetskrav som ställs av EU

IT is a large and important area in society. Sensitive and personal information needs to be protected by companies and businesses. As of mid-2018, the EU has launched new regulations that impose requirements on the management of personal and sensitive information.
EU Data Protection Regulation - GDPR
GDPR entails increased demands when it comes to IT security, requirements that require businesses to adapt their processes and systems a great deal. These include, for example, routines that concern incident reporting and better structure for personal data. It takes a lot of work to be able to meet all the new requirements set by the EU's new regulations.
What is ISO 27001?
This is a management system for information security. ISO 27000 is the very framework on which the management system is based. The management system consists of a number of requirements, processes and routines that can be applied regardless of what it is for the type of business. In other words, the management system can be used by both IT companies and by manufacturers.
Through an ISO 27001 certification, companies can ensure that the information within the company is properly protected and disseminated. If the principles behind management systems are properly applied, the company gets an organizational structure.
Therefore, IT security is important
There are several reasons for investing in IT security. When information that should not be available still manages to get out, it can have serious consequences. It can be, for example, secret plans, financial information that affect the company's value, business with other companies that are at risk and much more. It is also important to remember the EU punishment for companies that do not manage the GDPR satisfactorily.
Violation of EU regulation
If the Privacy Authority (formerly the Data Inspectorate) considers that your company has failed to comply with EU information security regulations, it could result in huge fines. Smaller crimes can lead to fines of up to EUR 10 million, or two percent of the annual turnover, whichever is higher. This is for minor crimes, serious crimes amount to up to EUR 20 million or four percent of annual turnover. It is a fine that really affects a company's results, which in itself is a good reason to invest fully in IT security.
ISO-27001 certified companies have easier to achieve IT security requirements because they already use good structures and processes. If you want to get help in increasing the information security within the business, turn to a company that can help you with a management system for information security.

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